Digital data transfer is much easier now than before. This data transfer takes place with the use of software solutions. The rate at which the software and software products are developed is much greater than the rate at which software security is evolving. As a result, many cyber-based crimes, data breaches, etc. are taking place.   

Data breaches affect the privacy of individuals and the righteousness of the company whose responsibility is to protect the data. According to Statista, the number of data breaches in the U.S. has significantly skyrocketed within the past decade from a mere 662 in 2010 to over a thousand by 2020. As a business owner, you cannot miss out on security while adopting a software solution for your business. 

Software is the process of designing, developing, and testing software for security. The software will then identify and eliminate the issues in itself. Software security is a proactive approach that should be taken care of during the pre-development phase. One of the best practices to ensure software security is to curate an easier-to-defend code. It eases the operator’s job. Many apparel businesses are not aware of the importance of software security, so they end up neglecting it.  

In this article, let’s discuss the importance and benefits of software security for businesses. 

Why security is most important in software solutions?  

IBM reports that in 2020, the USA was the country with the highest average total cost of a data breach is $8.64 million. When apparel & footwear brands & retailers use a software solution, they will store a lot of information in it. Let’s look at a few scenarios wherein businesses cannot overlook the need for security in software solutions. 

  • Intellectual Property (IP): Suppose an apparel brand is developing a sustainable garment. The entire team will perform a lot of research to create and execute a successful formula that helps in developing the garment. The brands will wish to store all the details securely. If the brand uses all the security measures to protect the software, then it will be hard to breach their software solution.    
  • Product Costs: Brands and retailers do not want to reveal their product costs, vendor costs, expenditure, etc. If another brand can access your data, reach out to the same vendors and sell the products at lesser rates than yours, then they can overpower you to generate more revenue. Hence, the software should have the necessary security to protect all the product-related costs.  
  • Designs: Designs are the most important part of product development. The designs need to be unique so they are confidential. If someone copies your design, develops a product of the same design at cheaper rates, then they will generate better income than yours.  

After understanding the importance of security for a software solution, let’s understand the security measures  

4 Measures for a Secure Software Solution  

1. Vulnerability Assessment 

Vulnerability assessment evaluates the weaknesses in the software. If any such vulnerabilities are found, it recommends remediation or mitigation of these vulnerabilities. 

2. User Permissions

User permission should be given to someone to perform the necessary activities. It is better to have unique identifiers, enable 2FA, have an expiry date for each user password, include an inactive session time out, and store the last login of users. Websites that use the software in their functions should use HTTPS protocols and SSL to protect the data.  

3. Cloud and data security

The IT industry has grown tremendously towards the use of cloud-based software. With a high range of access to information, companies that use cloud computing, are encrypting and masking confidential data to protect critical information. 

4. Security Reports, Backup & Restore

Data security depends on the timely and accurate information of vulnerabilities. Hence, it is important that the software solutions should be able to provide reports on the security measures.  Backup and restore are necessary components of a software solution. Ensure that the software has the configuration backup import/export feature. Additionally, it should also have automatic database backup capabilities. 


With the future of digitalization new software is released to the market every day. Security should always be a priority for brands and retailers to thrive in the future. It’s necessary that apparel brands and retailers evaluate their businesses to figure out the software security needs, strategies, and weaknesses. They need to implement security policies that protect their databases, computer networks, and software systems.