Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is software that manages the entire cycle of a fashion product right from its conception stage until the product is finally disposed of. PLM is the critical component of the digital transformation that fashion enterprises are implementing.  

It is important to keep the apparel PLM software aligned with the latest patches, software updates, and business process improvements. PLM upgrades combine various opportunities for improvements, across process, operating standards, data quality, business capabilities, integration, performance, infrastructure, APIs, etc. Regular upgrades offer continuous business improvement and stabilization. 

Why should you upgrade?  

  • Leverage additional features and capabilities. 
  • Ensure better security. 
  • Address platform incompatibilities as the software & hardware platforms keep evolving. 
  • Old PLM is outdated and there is no technical support available.  

What are the challenges of PLM Upgrade?  

PLM companies are trying to implement next-generation solutions to fulfill the fashion business needs. PLM buyers will face challenges of how to optimize their investments and manage the risks on their IT investments and data assets. Additionally, the buyers also face issues of change in the business process, higher cost and timelines, missing vendor expertise, no substantial ROI, redefining customizations, and addressing the complexities with integration upgrade.  

Benefits of PLM Upgrade 

1. Increased Productivity 

The intuitive user interface of the latest version of PLM software helps design, development, and supplier teams to become more productive in less time. Smart features like drag-and-drop capabilities, easy uploading, multi-select options, and image and attachment management will help teams fasten their product development process. 

2. Support end-to-end 3D workflow 

An upgraded PLM software offers advanced proficiencies for product design. Designers can create new styles or edit the existing ones easily.  

3. Eliminates Manual Data Entry 

Design teams need not start from scratch for every new style, instead, they can use details and attributes from the existing ones. The latest version of the PLM solution will eliminate the manual data entry if something changes in the supply chain. Additionally, it also increases efficiency by allowing mass creation, updating, deletion, etc.  

4. Enhanced Collaboration Features 

Cloud PLM helps fashion & apparel businesses share, develop, and collaborate across the entire supply chain in real-time. The upgraded PLM will have a wide variety of functionalities that will help teams become more efficient and devote their time to more creative, proactive projects.  

5. Advanced Analytics & Reporting 

The new version of the PLM will offer advanced analytics and reporting systems that help companies get better insights into their business.  

6. Personalized Dashboards 

The latest PLM offers managers, users, and partners personalized dashboards where they can adjust the views and permissions. Moreover, they can dive deep into the calendars to schedule the releases and avoid any kind of delay.  

Bottom Line 

The latest version of the Apparel PLM software offers tools & features that can help businesses plan, comply, approve, and collaborate with partners in the design and pre-production process. It also offers multi-tenant solutions for seamless collaboration between teams.  

GoVise Technologies focuses on creating a SMART PLM upgrade process using our proprietary tools. We aim to reduce 25 to 30% of the time and cost of the upgrade process. Our team has significant PLM expertise and hands-on upgrade experience.  

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