Sustainability in fashion should be one of the critical things in the present situation. It is because the Fashion Industry is the second most polluting industry after oil. So, it is necessary to create a customer mindset focused on sustainability. Doing so might be a challenging task due to various reasons like lack of awareness, increased costs when compared to fast fashion, etc.

Basically, sustainable fashion is a process of fostering a fashion system that focuses on greater ecological integrity and social justice. Creating a sustainability mindset will involve exploring and learning from everything around you. Having a sustainability mindset will follow you everywhere once you start developing it. 

Applying sustainability in fashion will help brands grow their business in a positive manner. Now, let’s have a look at how you can create a sustainability mindset for your customers.  

  • Spread right information among the customers 

Although sustainability in fashion is in trend for a long time, not everyone is aware of it. So, customers need to know what is sustainable fashion, why should they opt for it and how can they do it. Usually, people are uncomfortable doing something that is unfamiliar. So, it is better to share proper information among your customers through advertisements, awareness campaigns, social media handles, etc. 

  • Create stories for better understanding 

People can easily absorb the information when explained in terms of stories rather than abstract statements. When a person listens to a story, it is obvious that he/she starts imagining the scenario. This imagination helps them understand your point more clearly.  

For example, Patagonia ran campaigns in 2011 that said “Don’t buy this jacket”. It means they didn’t want their customers to buy their jacket that was produced using 36 gallons of water and emitted 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. It is because they are more concerned about the climatic effects that it will have and didn’t want its customers to be a part of such an effect.  

  • Leverage the Famous Personalities 

People look for great personalities who follow sustainability in fashion and decide to act accordingly. If their favorite personalities are endorsing such practices, it is more likely that even they will follow the same.  

  • Create communities & network groups 

Always create communities and network groups that include people with multiple thought processes. When such people are under a single platform it is more likely that they share their thoughts and more awareness about sustainability in fashion is spread.  

  • Allow people to express their ideas 

People will be more interested when you involve them in issues that concern them. So, it will work best if you allow them to share their thoughts and ideas about sustainability in fashion. Hence, participation will result in developing a positive attitude and generate more innovative ideas.  

  • Take one step at a time 

Developing a sustainability-focused mindset can be an overwhelming task because it will be a big step towards creating a major change. To make it simple, it is better to try one task each time rather than trying multiple tactics.  

  • Rewards for motivation 

When you reward a person, it is natural that he/she will automatically get motivated to do more. So always offer rewards to your customers to follow sustainability in fashion.  


Fashion businesses need to follow the above techniques to build an industry that is more focused on sustainability. On a positive note, Mc Kinsey reports that 57 percent have made significant changes to their lifestyles to lessen their environmental impact and 60 percent are going out of their way to recycle and purchase products in environmentally friendly packaging. With this data, you can rest assured that it is not a difficult task, as people are slowly getting exposed to sustainability in fashion. All you need to do is focus a little more on creating awareness and convincing people to follow sustainable fashion.