We are focused on digital product development with 3D Design Solutions, Development of Fashion 3D Integrations. In the Digital world, where more and more fashion brands are adopting 3D design tools to design, develop and sell their products, PLM continues to be the foundation of the enterprise ecosystem with the system of record for the Product Data. We have been successfully implementing Fashion 3D integrations that are integrated with digital product creation workflow for global Fashion brands, by bridging the gap between 3D design and PLM Solutions.

We are an EXCLUSIVE technology partner of CLO for all their plugin development work. We develop custom plugins for clients having custom requirements and generic plugins for Apparel PLM Software solutions. The product will provide a seamless flow of data between PLM and CLO to allow Designers to access Library data in PLM, update their Designs in CLO, and publish the updated Designs along with Product information, BOM, and Measurement Fit details back to PLM.

This is the first deep native bi-directional integration between the CLO 3D Solution and Fashion PLM Suite. What makes us different is the high quality and value adds we provide to our clients with our high-performance team. We are very aggressive in our timelines to provide an end-to-end bi-directional integration in multiple releases. Our in-house expert team, in collaboration with CLO Product Management and fashion PLM R&D Team, brings in the best integration solutions to the Fashion market.


Partnered with CLO 3D, and PLM Vendors.

Dedicated R&D Team working closely with CLO 3D and PLM.

Collaborative and Scaled Methodology to build the product.

Provides seamless flow of data between CLO 3D and PLM.

Fashion brands and retailers with unique business processes can opt-in for a custom plugin, that will offer Fashion 3D integrations as per their custom needs. The developed custom plugin will be exclusive for a Brand or Retailer. Our motive with Custom plugins is to empower and help fashion brands with their unique business process and custom requirements to enhance the efficiency and productivity of designers.

The custom plugin, will be personalized and customized according to the needs of the customer. Using the custom plugin the designer will be able to spend their quality time on creative designs rather than spending time in manual data entry and fetching information from different sources. The custom plugin will also enhance the unique business processes and collaboration between cross functional teams


Prior experience working on custom plugins.

Dedicated solutions team to create a custom plugin for brands and retailers.

Provides seamless flow of data between CLO 3D and downstream systems.

Get in touch with us for free consulting for custom integration requirements.

Bridging CLO and PLM software for a seamless experience in data exchanges thereby removing hassles in maintaining one version of the truth and shorting the time-to-market with digital product creation.

About CLO-Vise

CLO-Vise middleware product is the first of its kind, deep, native, bi-directional integration between CLO 3D design and PLM solution.

CLO-Vise plugin offer Fashion 3D integrations such as integrating CLO 3D with Fashion PLMs and allowing Designers retrieve PLM data into CLO and publish the garment, BOM, or Tech Pack and send them back to PLM when it is ready for review with the cross-functional teams.

With the CLO-Vise plugin, designers will be able to focus more on their creative side rather than spending time to replicate the data into PLM for fashion. Through various line reviews, Designers make updates to the Design in CLO. Most of the time these updates are made to products that are already pushed to PLM for apparel industry. With this feature, Designers will have access to products in PLM and will be able to download and make updates to the same. Below is the roadmap for the future release both for Infor and FlexPLM.

for Infor PLM

Phase 1 – May 2020 (Released)

Phase 2 – Aug 2020 (Released)
Phase 3 – Nov 2020 (Released)
Phase 4 – May 2021 (Released)

Work in Progress, expect to release in Aug 2021

for BambooRose PLM
Phase 1 –  Expect to release in 2021
(Work in progress)


Value Proposition

Some of the features of middleware products include easily accessing the design assets like fabrics, trims, solid colors, prints, and patterns from PLM solution and use it to create a 3D garment in CLO.

Once the 3D design is complete, they can easily publish the 3D Design, High-Resolution Visuals, and product-related information back to PLM.

Here are 4 reasons why this middleware product is a MUST for Brands and Retailers –



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