3D Fashion Design Software

What is 3D fashion design software?

3D fashion design software helps apparel, footwear, and accessories businesses to create virtual, true-to-life garment visualization using digital technologies. The software contains different modules that offer services related to cloth size, shape, brand, colors, etc. The sophisticated algorithm of the software simulates the physical properties of fabrics to enable users to visualize the design, material, color, and graphic variations & alterations in real-time.

What are the challenges with 3D fashion design software?

Users face the following challenges when using a 3D fashion design software:

  • 3D fashion design software requires its users to be well versed with the functionality of the software and they should be proficient using 3D tools.
  • There is no easy access to different variations of 3D avatars. Companies should use the right avatars for their business so that there should not be any kind of rework.
  • Initially, apparel, footwear, and accessories companies should start slow with few categories and few designers to gain momentum. Later, they can move to more people and more categories. Roll-out should be based on meeting the business goals.
  • All the assets required for 3D design such as fabrics, trims, buttons, zippers, etc. should be scanned and digitized prior to digitization. This process can be time-consuming.
  • 3D design software has its own proprietary formats. Apparel, footwear, and accessories companies who are willing to incorporate this software should look for proper standardized software.
  • The size of the design files is large and ranges between 200–300 MB. The storage systems should be able to manage these large files with visualization.

Why integrate 3D
fashion design software?

3D fashion design software is the need of the hour. Not only because of the pandemic but also from a sustainability perspective, 3D integrations are a key success for any apparel entity. 3D sampling also reduces sampling costs, shorter lead time, and overall better control over the entire development process. With greater advancements in technology, some more features like virtual try-on & advanced customization will be added for the final consumer. The early adopters of the 3D revolution will surely benefit from its power very soon.

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