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A Standard Integration Plug into Bridge the technology gap between Digital Production Creation Tools and PLM.

In the Digital world, where more and more fashion brands are adopting 3D design tools to design, develop and sell their products, PLM continues to be the foundation of the enterprise ecosystem with the system of record for the Product Data. Due to this, Designers or PD are required to duplicate the data from the 3D design tool into PLM. Furthermore, market-leading 3D design tools are desktop applications which makes it further challenging to integrate them with web-based PLM applications.

To simplify the process, GoVise Technologies has partnered with CLO 3D, a market leader in 3D design software to create a Standard, plug-n-play product that will integrate CLO 3D with any PLM package. The product will provide a seamless flow of data between PLM and CLO to allow Designers to access Library data in PLM, to update their Designs in CLO and publish the updated Designs along with Product metadata, BOM and Fit details back to PLM.

  • Partnered with CLO 3D, and PLM Vendors

  • Dedicated R&D Team working closely with CLO 3D and PLM.

  • Collaborative and Scaled Methodology to build the product.

  • Provides seamless flow of data between CLO 3D and PLM