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While the fashion industry continues to dominate the world with catwalk shows and new clothing line releases, behind the glitz and
The different product development stages in the fashion industry include Concept, Planning, Design, Development, Sourcing and Production. All these may
The fashion industry is growing rapidly and is in constant evolution. Online and offline retailers that don’t adapt to changes
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is no longer limited to just the engineering and operations departments. PLM software manages the entire
Digital Product Creation (DPC) is a fundamentally different business model of product development where companies can create and sell products
The Fashion industry, as a business, is much broader and includes clothing, footwear and accessories etc. Fashion industry is huge and
Companies are run on people, processes and tools. Implementing new tools into the mix means a change in the way
Robotic Process Automation, RPA technology is software that can be trained to mimic routine, labour-intensive tasks performed by humans. In