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Challenges in Fashion Retail
In the past few years, the fashion retail industry has seen significant changes. Today, fashion is more than just clothes.
Cost is the economic value of the resources used to make a product. Costing is the process of evaluating the
Suppose you're a fashion product development company aiming to develop a pair of jeans. There are a few members involved
The traditional manufacturing supply chain was built to accomplish the demands of late businesses. When the development process begins, businesses
All of us are aware of the scary statistic that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in
The restrictions imposed due to the pandemic have led to the cancellation of all the fashion events across the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic has paused all our lives. Everything around seems to be on hold, but we can't stop living.
Any startup should prospect their design and development process as an operational lifecycle. But, these two processes are subject to
The Rise of Sewbots-as-a-service
It is past 2 am at a fashion company, Farfetch. John is working the night shift. As a software developer at
With the advent of the novel coronavirus, we are entering into a brand-new world. A new normal that we are still